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Clean Power

Early Customer Basks In The Glow Of His New Tesla Solar Roof Tile Install

Published on March 21st, 2019 | by Kyle Field

Another Tesla Solar Roof Tile customer has taken to the interwebs to show off his new system, and it gives us a view of what an installed retrofit system looks like. To date, installations of the sexy new Tesla Solar Roof Tiles have only trickled out, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk said at the Model Y unveiling last week that, "this is definitely going to be the year of the Solar Roof and Powerwall."... Read More


plu&charge hubject webinar

Join Our Hubject × CleanTechnica Plug&Charge Webinar Today

Published on March 21st, 2019 | by Andrea Bertoli

Join CleanTechnica’s Zachary Shahan in conversation with Barton Sidles, the Director of Corporate and Business Development at Hubject Inc.’s North American subsidiary, for a free webinar 21 March, at 9am PDT/12pm EDT.: register here to join the conversation live. This webinar will also be livestreamed on CleanTechnica’s Facebook page... Read More

Autonomous Vehicles

Tesla Hints At Semi Sales In China

Published on March 21st, 2019 | by Jennifer Sensiba

During the recent unveiling of the Tesla Model Y, Elon Musk discussed the future Shanghai Gigafactory (Gigafactory 3). The Tesla Semi appears in renditions of the future factory. Was that just for illustration, or would the [&hellip... Read More


Aviation Biofuel Research Kicks Into High Gear

Published on March 20th, 2019 | by Steve Hanley

Researchers at the DOE Joint Biofuel Institute say they are getting closer to making jet fuel from plants at a cost that will be competitive with convention jet fuel. Few things are as important as reducing or eliminating the more than 2 million tons of carbon dioxide that the airline industry creates every day. ... Read More


Audi Sales, Mercedes Sales, Toyota Sales, Infiniti Sales, Acura Car Sales, BMW Car Sales, Honda Car Sales, & Lexus Car Sales Down In February In USA

Published on March 19th, 2019 | by Zachary Shahan

In the month of February, these luxury auto companies and car divisions had the following sales drops: Acura Cars: −12% Audi: −12% Audi Cars: −12% BMW Cars: −12% Infiniti: −17% Infiniti: −46% Lexus Cars: −2% Mercedes-Benz: −13% Mercedes-Benz Cars: −4% Volvo Cars: −77%... Read More

Autonomous Vehicles

Remember What We’re Fighting For, People

Published on March 19th, 2019 | by Kyle Field

We have the privilege and honor of covering some really cool products, events, and people here on CleanTechnica, and that makes it really easy to get caught up in the hype. A new car, a faster charging system, a longer-range e-bike, an internet-connected indoor air quality monitor, yeah, ok, so we're geeks, but we're cool with that... Read More

Energy Storage

Storing Energy By Heating Stones To 600 Degrees — Could Power Denmark For Hours

Published on March 19th, 2019 | by Jesper Berggreen

On Monday, the Danish minister of education and research, Tommy Ahlers, attended the official inauguration of a giant pilot facility that will use 600 degree hot stones to store energy. Speaking to dr.dk, he said: "This could be the missing link in our renewable energy transformation." (It's arguable whether there really is a missing link, but that's another story.)... Read More

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