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  • Striped bass fishing attracts hordes of anglers around the U.S. making it one of the most popular of all game fish.

    Anglers across the nation constantly strive to learn how to catch striped bass, always hoping to hone their tactics and constantly trying to learn the latest new…
  • Knee-deep hot spots from the Florida Keys to the Seychelles

    Here are five of the best places in the world to try your hand at fishing world-class flats.

What's New

  • Cox CXO300 Diesel Outboard

    New 4.4L V-8 four-stroke touts better range and longer life than gas outboards.

    Cox's new 300-hp diesel outboard has been introduced to the public, and is expected to be available soon.
  • Biggest-yet, boldest-ever center console with motors to match

    HCB's latest massive vessel — the 65 Estrella — breaks the mold for super-size center consoles.
  • Mercury VesselView Mobile Teaser

    Check your SmartCraft-enabled outboard stats and share fishing experiences on your mobile device.

    Mercury's VesselView Mobile allows anglers to monitor the status of their SmartCraft-enabled Mercury outboard engine and receive alerts as well as share fishing…
  • Sport Fishing readers try to stump the Fish Facts experts with strange catches.

    Sport Fishing readers try to stump SF's Fish Facts experts with a tomato cod, cubbyu drum, threadfin bass, glasseye and a sea bream.

Fishing Boats

  • Pathfinder 2005

    Bigger-bay-boat features in a smaller 20-foot package

    Pathfinder's eighth bay boat, the 2005, comes with more storage space and higher freeboard.
  • Blackfin 332 CC

    This flagship 33-footer features two livewells and lockable rod storage.

    Blackfin's 332 CC is the brand's largest model to date, although five new models to 40 feet are expected to roll out this year.
  • Big-water fishability and comfort in a versatile 30-footer

    Pursuit's new S 288 Sport offers the stability and seaworthiness to fish big offshore seas.
  • Sea Born SX281

    Largest Sea Born center console courts offshore anglers and families.

    Sea Born's largest center console to date features a stepped hull and carries up to 600 hp.

Fishing Hot Spots

Click on any of the pins on the map below to see the latest reports from captains in that area. Legend: Yellow = March reports

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  • Standard Mapping, CMOR and Isla Mapping add regional detail and offshore contour to an angler's electronics arsenal.

    Inshore anglers needing more specific navigation detail, particularly in difficult regions such as Florida's southern marshes, and offshore anglers who want to see more…
  • Darrell Lowrance Teaser

    Founder of Lowrance brand remembered for marine-electronics breakthroughs.

    Marine electronics industry veteran Darrell Lowrance has passed away.
  • SiOnyx Aurora Infrared Camera

    New action still and video camera uses new semiconductor to enhance imaging sensitivity.

    SiOnyx's new Aurora HD action video and still-image camera allows anglers to shoot footage in near-total darkness as well as during the day.
  • Raymarine ClearCruise AR

    Augmented reality navigation enhances on-water awareness.

    FLIR and Raymarine's augmented-reality process permits navigational information to overlay on stabilized video from a forward-looking marine camera.

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