Our Business

From the energy of the court to the passion of the pitch,
we provide our clients with privileged access to the infinite
opportunities presented by the world of sport and entertainment.

Marketing, sponsorship and brand partnerships

We use sport to create exciting partnerships between brands and leading rights holders. We take this one step further by enhancing engagement and building lasting connections with fans.


Lagardère Plus is a creative agency designed to help brands overcome the declining impact of advertising and realise the true potential of traditional “sponsorship” by turning them into genuine partnership marketing platforms.


Athletes are at the heart of a sport, and talent representation and management is the foundation of modern sports marketing. We build and manage powerful personal brands for our clients.

Content creation, media rights, production and distribution

We ensure every thrilling, sporting moment can reach fans across the world. Whether creating content, producing or distributing, we develop integrated strategies for clients, and partner with high calibre events, leagues and federations to lead their rights negotiations, and develop catalogues for rights marketing.

Stadium and arena
management solutions

Every sport needs a stage. We provide consulting services, commercialise, operate and manage technical aspects of stadiums and arenas across the globe.


We create one of kind experiences for fans and athletes alike that offer additional sources of revenue for our clients. We also own, organise and produce a prestigious programme of innovative, top-tier, live events throughout the world.

Live Entertainment

Lagardère Live Entertainment is a leading producer of music shows and live entertainment throughout France.

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