Spanish School

Don Pedro de Alvarado

Welcome to Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School !

« 42 years of excellence »

One Teacher, One Student

Our school is one of the oldest schools in Antigua, with over 42 years of experience. You may pay us on the second day of study. This policy ensures your overall satisfaction with your course of study

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The best way to learn about us is to make
contact with our former students.

Click here:
Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School, Antigua Guatemala | Facebook

and you can read comments made by our students and also contact them direct. There are more than 300 former students who are Fans of our Facebook page. This is one of the best ways to learn about our school. You may participate in Discussions about the school and its programs and activities, and you can view recent photos taken in the school and watch our video.

We are committed to teaching Spanish in one on one classes in order to reach total immersion. The Guatemalan culture, a variety of activities, a familiar atmosphere and lots of fun is an important part of our schools policy. We are looking forward to having you here with us!

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